The Wisconsin Teacher Studio is a group of educators working to infuse learning with creativity, risk-taking, failure, iteration, and innovation. We work under the belief that teaching is an inherently creative practice undertaken for meaningful, collective impact on students and their communities. 


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Betty Brinn Children's Museum, Milwaukee, WI

@BUBBLER, Madison Public Library, Madison, WI

Education Outreach and Partnerships, UW Madison


Facilitator: Emily Schindler


Here are some questions we ask: 

Who is a maker? 

What is making? 

What maker practices are useful for classroom learning?

How does one learn through making? 

When is it useful to learn through making? 

How do teachers learn? 

What constitutes teacher learning? 

How does learning change if teachers become co-learners, and students become co-teachers? 

What opportunities do maker practices and maker spaces offer for personalized, project-based learning? 

What challenges must we overcome in order for teachers and students to make things together?